Meet the 2019 Grant Recipients


Can new decision-making tools enable the interior design community to reduce client carbon footprints using life cycle analysis?


As demand for engineering expertise grows exponentially, will open-office plans keep up? Learn how a new design approach might help facilities teams improve response to specific space requirements of technology engineers.


Can using immersive visual communication technologies (BIM, VR, AR and MR) turn clients into partners and improve understanding and participation in the design process?

About the ONEder Grant

The ONEder Grant Program supports new or evolving research into how design influences the human experience. By empowering architects and designers to explore the impact of design on environments that shape us, we’re helping uncover new perspectives on sustainable materials, visual technology platforms and equity in design education, to network science applied to the workplace. Since 2019, we’ve awarded nine $20,000 grants to A/D firms across Northern California.