Meet the 2022 Grant Recipients

Using Mass Timber to Reduce Carbon

Reduce embodied carbon in life science buildings through utilization of mass timber in the building structure by creating a framework and a prototype mass timber life science building design.

Reimagining the K-12 Library

A constantly evolving environment and the academic heart of schools, EHDD will conduct surveys, design reviews, develop a tool to elicit active student participation, and deliver design options for K-12 libraries.

Carbon Avoided: Retrofit Estimator

Partnering with Goody Clancy and Architecture 2030, Siegel & Strain will complete and release the Carbon Avoided: Retrofit Estimator (CARE) Tool to provide building owners, developers and other decision-makers with this embodied carbon reduction asset assessment capability.

The Intersection of Wellness/How to Effectively Measure Wellness

Do our workplaces use materials responsibly to address physical and mental health concerns to allow users to thrive? QA will build resources to more responsibly measure holistic wellness in work environments.


About the ONEder Grant

The ONEder Grant Program supports new or evolving research into how design influences the human experience. By empowering architects and designers to explore the impact of design on environments that shape us, we help to uncover new perspectives on engagement, technology, design, wellness, network science and ESG applied to the workplace. Since 2019, fourteen $20,000 grants have been awarded to A + D firms across Northern California and Washington.