Meet the 2023 Grant Recipients

The Ecotonal Office

We want to enable work anywhere, anytime, in any climate. We will research, ideate and actualize a technology-enabled, advanced and open-air workspace to challenge traditional urban work settings - to merge inside with outside, and harmonize nature, digital capabilities and architecture.

Hospital at Home

Envisioning a Patient Centered Future of Care: with the potential to improve many lives, we want to articulate a cohesive, optimal, vision for patient-centered approaches to delivering hospital at home care to maximize humanity, empowerment and wellness.

Spaces to Cognitive/Sensory Wellbeing

Leveraging 6 years of research into neurodiversity, we want to test our developed principles and create more comprehensive guidance for designing neuro-inclusive environments, spaces that are more physically and culturally inclusive to allow people with the broadest spectrum of neurological conditions to thrive.


About the ONEder Grant

The ONEder Grant Program supports new or evolving research into how design influences the human experience. By empowering architects and designers to explore the impact of design on environments that shape us, we help to uncover new perspectives on engagement, technology, design, wellness, network science and ESG applied to the workplace. Since 2019, twenty one $20,000 grants have been awarded to A + D firms across Northern California and Washington.