Meet the 2021 Grant Recipients

Building Community in Learning Environments

Researching factors contributing to community formation, the role of built space and user feedback to inform the development of an open-source tool to create the sense of community in learning environments.

Networks of Work

Establishing a methodology to help companies and employees understand, map and collaboratively shape spatial and digital patterns of desired social interaction,

Cultivating Behavior Change

Creating a space within a Crisis Nursery for a Stay Play + Learn Indoor Learning Garden, a place to reduce stress and engage choice and control for parents, caregivers and children from 2 to 12.

Design Engagement Toolkit

Identifying and assessing the engagement techniques best suited to enhance efforts to build project support among diverse stakeholders.

Creativity at Work

Researching the relationship between creativity and design attributes of built environments to empower creative intelligence and enhance creative spaces.

About the ONEder Grant

The ONEder Grant Program supports new or evolving research into how design influences the human experience. By empowering architects and designers to explore the impact of design on environments that shape us, we help to uncover new perspectives on engagement, technology, design, wellness, network science and ESG applied to the workplace. Since 2019, fourteen $20,000 grants have been awarded to A + D firms across Northern California and Washington.