Establishing an approach for co-designing social and spatial dynamics of social learning, collaboration, and culture by mapping formal and informal networks of work for hybrid teams.

Network of Works:

Co-creating Hybrid Teams' Social Dynamics, Collaborative Behavior, and Work Culture


In a post- geographic work landscape where organizations are still exploring hybrid dynamics of work and culture, it is important to establish a methodology that would help companies understand and collaboratively shape spatial and digital patterns of social interaction among employees. The primary goal of this study is to explore the methodological effectiveness of Social Network Analysis (SNA) combined with Participatory Action Research (PAR) for understanding and augmenting hybrid teams' social life, collaborative behavior, and work culture.


The secondary goal is to use the results of the study as a lens for knowing "where to look and what to examine" when researching hybrid teams using the proposed method -- acknowledging that specifics pertaining to the results of this study are dependent on: (a) the time - period when participants engaged in this study (peak of the Omicron variant); and, (b) the team composition, company's organizational structure, and the type of work participants are tasked with.


In sum, this study aims to provide a point of view for (a) understanding hybrid teams by placing focus on team members' interactions and collaboration patterns; and (b), empowering employees to augment their interactions.



Meet the Research Team

Amin Mojtahedi Ph D
Senior Strategist

Olaitan Awamolo

Megan Cackett
Human Factors/UX Researcher