Dive into the realm of Hospital at Home (HaH) care with this investigation into the evolving landscape of healthcare delivery in the United States. By examining the experiences of HaH providers operating beyond traditional clinical settings, the research aims to identify the essential tools, technologies, and services necessary to ensure successful delivery of top-tier care in the comfort of home.

Hospital at Home Care: Exploring the Provider Experience

This research delves into the evolving landscape of Hospital at Home (HaH) care, a concept gaining prominence in the US healthcare system. Highlighting both advantages and challenges associated with this model, it explores the potential for a future generation of HaH providers (care team members) who operate outside traditional clinical settings. The paper centers on identifying potential tools, technologies, and services necessary for these providers to excel in delivering optimal care in the future.

Meet the Research Team

Eric Peabody
Principal, Senior Medical Planner


Elliott Wortham
Director, Strategy & Experience Design

Aaron Mckenzie
Senior Design Strategist